Système de Refroidissement

Comment gérer le système de refroidissement du four, en partant des problèmes de surchauffe et le rôle des systèmes de circulation d’eau.
Publié sur 10/21/2016
Catégories: Maintenance

Vacuum furnace: how to calibrate the cooling system
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As you know, heat dissipation is critical in the thermal process. For that reason, in this video, I'm going to show you how to calibrate the cooling system for an optimal management of your vacuum furnace. A correct calibration ensures greater efficiency of the cooling system and a significant savings in terms of energy consumption of pumps and the water used.

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The furnace cooling system: 5 tips to avoid damage

Heat dissipation is crucial to your thermal process. And cooling systems will provide years of safe reliable service only with proper care. If you want to prevent damage to your vacuum furnace, it is therefore necessary to understand the risks connected to poor-quality process water, excessive temperatures or unsuitable equipment. Here are 5 useful tips to best manage the cooling loop.

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