[FREE eBook] The vacuum furnace buyers guide

[FREE eBook] The vacuum furnace buyers guide

This clear and useful eBook will guide you in deciding the features you need for your next vacuum furnace.
Starting from the scratch it will also help you to understand what a vacuum furnace is and whether you need it or not.

Everything you need to know for a smart choice

Whether you need it for additive manufacturing,  brazing, sintering or other metal heat treatments, a vacuum furnace can usually be the smartest solution for your goals, but you must carefully consider which parameters are priority for you.

Inside this eBook, you will find:

  • Who can widely benefit from a vacuum furnace?
  • How to check the quality of the components?
  • What are the furnace key points to evaluate?

Power, isolation, pumping units, heat exchangers and much more explained in simple words for the first time.
Make sure you read the eBook before your next purchase!

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The Vacuum Furnace Buyers Guide

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