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Innovation is imperative. In a constantly changing market, possession of technological progress is crucial to come up with winning strategies and increase company's competitiveness. Open up tomorrow's market today with tried-and-tested vacuum furnaces for automotive industry.

Vacuum heat treatments

Vacuum heat treatments

Heat treating is performed to improve the mechanical and metallurgical properties of materials. Vacuum is the ideal environment for thermal processing at high temperatures: it guarantees temperature uniformity and it reduces energy consumption compared to traditional technology.

Advanced ceramics

Advanced ceramics

High-tech ceramics have a wide range of properties and play a vital role in increasing safety in automotive engineering. Resistance to abrasive wear means improved reliability and longer life. By way of example, the carbo-ceramics brakes for high-speed street sports cars.

Vacuum brazing

Vacuum brazing

A versatile joining method to produce leak-free joints which have to withstand considerable shock and vibration. Brazing under vacuum conditions is ideal for oxidation sensitive materials as post-braze cleaning is not necessary. Also a step ahead in terms of aesthetics!

Reduced manufacturing costs

A wide selection of vacuum furnaces to bring high-quality, innovative products to market rapidly while lowering operational risk, improving safety, optimizing ROI and reducing energy consumption.

Improved components performances

A strong orientation to optimize vacuum processes to the highest possible level of efficiency and productivity for products subjected to the most stringent of automotive crash test.

Less enviromental impact

An energy-efficient equipment to reduce significantly process time, while maintaining highly reproducible and highly controllable results.

Our furnaces

TAV VACUUM FURNACES enables you to optimize your production process with several technologies developed to heighten your competitive advantage and ensure your advance in the marketplace. Our vacuum systems are available in customized solutions, engineered and manufactured according to your unique requirements.

Horizontal vacuum furnaces Hinged door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Hinged door

The most common configuration to heat treat mass-produced parts with high flexibility.

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Horizontal vacuum furnaces Cart bottom door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Cart bottom door

The distinctive configuration to treat parts as motor vehicle engines effortlessly.

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Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load

Vertical vacuum furnaces
Top or bottom load

The best configuration to process cylindrical gears in a small footprint with high performance.

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