Vertical vacuum furnaces

Top or bottom load

Perfect reproduceable cycles

Heating best uniformity

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Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load

Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load


Why choose a vertical vacuum furnace

When the parts to be subjected to thermal treatment have structures which develop in height, vertical furnaces provide a precise and accurate answer, ensuring homogenous temperature distribution even for complex geometries and very high load densities. The system is arranged for either top-loading or bottom-loading to further meet your needs.

Hall crane

Hall crane

The vertical vacuum furnace allows you to crane long or bulky loads for transferring them quickly and precisely into the desired position.

Thermocouples positioning

Thermocouples positioning

Get easily your temperature measurement even in hard-to-reach areas! Thanks to its configuration, thermocouple sensors can be positioned throughout the charge effortlessly.

High loads

High loads

Vertical vacuum furnaces are mainly suited to heat treat parts having a cylindrical cross section or parts that can be stacked vertically, such as those commonly processed in the aerospace industry.



Thanks to the vertical development of the system, its small footprint saves valuable space in the plant. Furthermore, loads can be temporarily stored beneath the furnace and then lifted up.

Why buy from us

The constant, deep-rooted dedication to innovation has driven TAV VACUUM FURNACES to work out solutions to all needs: this characteristic has permitted us to be one of the few to produce vertical furnaces for vacuum heat treatments, vacuum brazing, advanced ceramics, UHV (Ultra High Vacuum).

Safe workspace

The high level of safety is ensured by tried-and-tested technology, which is audited in accordance with international standards. Because operator's safety is paramount in every system, TAV vertical furnaces are designed to operate in delimited areas without any risk.

Custom manitenance solutions

Built on a vision of convenient access to the various parts and components for quick and easy maintenance activities. In addition, custom-made service ensures that uptime is maximized though a combination of technical help-desk and rapid response by onsite engineers.

Long time experience

Over 30 years of proven expertise in vacuum furnaces have allowed us to gain the trust of the leading companies in the aerospace industry. From laboratory furnace to industrial, fully automated systems we are sure to find the proper solution to meet your needs.

Large selection of models

Even in standard configurations these furnaces are provided with all the solutions and mechanisms required for heat treating in most production sectors. Within the product list, TAV has the largest vertical vacuum furnace currently available on the market.

Technical details

Here are just a few samples of the available specifications.
Many alternative dimensions and unlimited custom sulutions are available.

Hot zone
Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Work volume (dm3) Max. Charge (Kg)
90/90 900 900 572 900
120/120 1200 1200 1356 1200
150/150 1500 1500 2650 1500
180/180 1800 1800 4578 2000
200/200 2000 2000 6280 3000

(alternative dimensions and custom solutions available)

Frequently asked questions

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Please, read the answers to frequently asked questions about our products.

Vertical vacuum furnaces are the ideal solution to heat treat high loads or cylindrical parts.
The vertical configuration saves space and significantly facilitates installation. Moreover, it ensures greater ease for thermocouples positioning.

Yes, we do.
We have already developed pit furnaces for different applications. Actually, we don’t suggest it as the loading operation is more complicated than usual and the furnace must be set in a pit. On request, we are able to meet this specific requirement.

Yes, they are.
TAV develops customized solutions to ensure an easy and quick access to parts and components for maintenance. Each vertical furnace is equipped with platforms to reach every point in the system. In addition, operator’s working areas are delimited to ensure maximum safety.

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