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Investments in new technologies are core to remain highly competitive. Excellence is the name of the game and improving production processes and products is one of the best ways to achieve it. Strengthen your leading position with vacuum furnaces for aerospace industry.

Vacuum heat treatments

Vacuum heat treatments

Heat treating is performed to improve the mechanical and/or chemical properties of materials. Thermal processing in a vacuum chamber ensures highly accurate and reliable results for materials which have to withstand extreme temperature conditions.

Vacuum brazing

Vacuum brazing

A metal-joining process which can offer significant advantages in terms of cleanliness, joint strength and integrity. The process is performed under vacuum with high temperature uniformity to grant the leak-tightness of aircraft structural parts and components.



A thermal barrier coating which can offer significant advantages in terms of increased wear and corrosion resistance. A very thin but perfectly uniform coating of aluminum is deposited by evaporation on critical flying parts such as turbine blades and other high stress components.

Diffusion bonding

Diffusion bonding

A solid-state process for joining similar and dissimilar materials by using only heat and pressure to achieve atomic bonding. Weight saving is a significant benefit. Examples of application are multiple-finned channels and honeycomb construction.

High-performace alloys

Ongoing research and development to supply furnaces in compliance with NADCAP standards for processing materials exposed to extremely high temperature applications.

Large components manufacturing

Various-sized furnaces available to meet the most demanding of strain and safety requirements for treating landing gears and large turbine blades.

Absolute process control

A complete monitoring system combined with a modern and user-friendly interface, making it the state-of-the-art in the industry and the most advanced on the market.

Our furnaces

As technology evolves at warp speed, so must TAV VACUUM FURNACES. We allow our customers to meet the strictest environmental and safety standards and most importantly continue to push the boundaries of performance. Because of our great know-how, we are able to design and manufacture customized solutions for special requests.

Horizontal vacuum furnaces Hinged door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Hinged door

Designed to process parts, from the most simple to the most complex, with excellent results.

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Horizontal vacuum furnaces Cart bottom door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Cart bottom door

Designed to move large and heavy components, such as gas turbine, with maximum safety.

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Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load

Vertical vacuum furnaces
Top or bottom load

Designed to treat cylindrical section parts and use available space in the most efficient way.

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