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Customer satisfaction is attained by ensuring quality of heat treating service performance, where you win because of technology. Vacuum processing reflects the very latest advances in thermal treatments, particularly in fields where maximum levels of precision, process reliability and dependability are needed in conjunction with acceptable costs.

Vacuum sintering

Vacuum sintering

Adjacent molecular particle surfaces of metallic powders can be bonded to the maximum density possible by vacuum hot pressing parts in the near-net-shape configuration. Vacuum gives you the speed you need for maximum productivity at lower rates.

Vacuum heat treatments

Vacuum heat treatments

Thermal processes are essential to maximize the properties of metals and alloys, and therefore cycle's life of components. Vacuum is the ideal environment for material processing at high temperatures: it is clean, pollution free, oxygen free according to the vacuum level.

Vacuum brazing

Vacuum brazing

Brazing allows the joining of dissimilar and non-metallic materials. The process is performed under vacuum which ensures that no oxidation occurs and the workpieces remain free of pores. Vacuum furnaces allow you to deliver high-integrity, bright and clean joints to your customers.



A thermo-chemical diffusion process that enhances corrosion resistance on steel and nickel alloy surfaces operating in high temperature conditions. With vacuum furnaces, you will be able to offer a heat treating service of such high quality and provide quick turnaround times for your customers.

Fast turnaround times

Increased heating-up speed and uniformity to meet fast delivery schedules, be able to quickly switch from one load to another and ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Repeatable and precise

The most advanced control system to ensure temperature uniformity and provide critical heating and cooling rates necessary for consistent results over time.

Environmentally friendly

Energy-efficient vacuum systems manufactured with high-performance materials to help you reduce both running costs and environmental impact.

Our furnaces

TAV VACUUM FURNACES designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces perfectly suitable for companies in commercial heat treating (i.e. outsourcing or tolling). With the three models we offer a wide range of engineered solutions to speed up your cycles (e.g. convention heating, multi-cooling directions).

Horizontal vacuum furnaces Hinged door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Hinged door

For companies looking for full compatibility with different load types or special application.

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Horizontal vacuum furnaces Cart bottom door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces
Cart bottom door

For companies looking for large loading capacity and safe workstation.

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Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load

Vertical vacuum furnaces
Top or bottom load

For companies looking for a more rational exploitation of space in the production plant.

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