Horizontal vacuum furnaces

Hinged door

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Horizontal vacuum furnaces Hinged door

Horizontal vacuum furnaces Hinged door


Why choose an hinged door horizontal vacuum furnace

In response to rapidly changing market requirements, it is the best solution to heat treatment need in the various fields of vacuum application. Wherever speed, compactness, precision and reliability are required, this vacuum furnace provides you with the most suitable answer in terms of automation and operational flexibility.

Loading flexibility

Loading flexibility

This configuration enables quick and easy loading of different volumes giving you the flexibility you need for various production or R&D applications. You can load furnace basket with workpieces exactly where you are and then move it from workstation to furnace.

Convection heating

Convection heating

The forced gas convection in the first phase of the thermal cycle improves uniformity at low temperatures facilitating irradiance and improving the heating speed in the middle of massive loads.

Compact design

Compact design

Because of its compact design, easy installation and functionality, the hinged door vacuum furnace can be easily integrated even in production lines that offer very little space.

Multi-cooling directions

Multi-cooling directions

Gas quenching is a critical part of the heat treating process in order to ensure metallurgical and mechanical transformation without exceeding the specified distortional tolerances. In hinged door furnaces operator can easily drive the gas flow where required.

Why buy from us

TAV hinged door horizontal vacuum furnaces are designed for years of reliable service. Over 30 years of experience have enabled us to develop the know-how and technology to create top-quality products for heat treatments, sintering, aluminizing, advanced ceramics, UHV (Ultra High Vacuum), brazing, diffusion bonding.

Ease of loading

The meticulous design and accurate manufacturing guarantee the excellent performance of our vacuum furnaces. On request, we also provide automatic loading/unloading systems.

Wide range of customizations

Your application defines how the furnace should look like. Depending on the materials and diameters of the parts to be heat treated, we offer a choice in hot zones (i.e. geometries and types of insulation) and other components (e.g. pumping systems, convection heat, high quenching speed).

Vast array of applications

Designed for use in industrial or laboratory applications, this compact furnace is capable of high temperatures and high vacuum. Our engineers work with state-of-the-art systems and test equipment to modify existing or develop new products for special application cases.

Large selection of sizes

Vacuum equipment can be tailored to perfectly fit any requirement – of size and production capacity. There are no limits set on the expansion. Besides, the largest hinged door horizontal vacuum furnace existing today has been manufactured by TAV VACUUM FURNACES.

Technical details

Here are just a few samples of the available specifications.
Many alternative dimensions and unlimited custom sulutions are available.

Hot zone
Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Work volume (dm3) Max. Charge (Kg)
20/20/30 200 200 300 12 50
25/25/40 250 250 400 25 75
30/30/45 300 300 450 40.5 100
40/40/60 400 400 600 96 300
50/50/75 500 500 750 187 500
60/60/90 600 600 900 324 600
80/80/120 800 800 1200 768 1000
100/100/150 1000 1000 1500 1500 1500
120/120/200 1200 1200 2000 2880 2000
150/150/220 1500 1500 2200 4950 3500

(alternative dimensions and custom solutions available)

Frequently asked questions

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The main feature of hinged door horizontal vacuum furnaces is their great flexibility. They are suitable for a variety of applications while size varies according to the installation one wants to create. It is also possible to heat treat parts and components of any geometry and size.

Each furnace can be equipped with automatic or semi-automatic loading systems, which include electrical and manual carriages. TAV VACUUM FURNACES provides and integrates different solutions into the system to make operation easier for you.

The heating chamber of the furnace and the charge are cooled down to room temperature through a multi-cooling directions gas stream (typically argon or nitrogen). Gas quenching can be tailored to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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