Publié sur 10/7/2016
Catégories: Aérospatiale
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Nadcap: becoming an accredited supplier for aerospace

Nadcap is recognized as the premier accreditation program for aerospace suppliers. For a heat treater, Nadcap accreditation is crucial if you are trying to service the aerospace and defense sectors. Of course, Nadcap is a difficult and costly accreditation to obtain. But Nadcap is more than just obtaining an accreditation...

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The furnace cooling system: 5 tips to avoid damage

Heat dissipation is crucial to your thermal process. And cooling systems will provide years of safe reliable service only with proper care. If you want to prevent damage to your vacuum furnace, it is therefore necessary to understand the risks connected to poor-quality process water, excessive temperatures or unsuitable equipment. Here are 5 useful tips to best manage the cooling loop.

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Publié sur 9/7/2016
Catégories: Applications

How to get flawless brazing with vacuum furnaces

Due to the extreme operating conditions and stringent safety requirements, there is a strong demand for flawless brazed components. Vacuum furnaces allow you to produce leak-tight joints and bright assemblies.

But why they are being considered the best choice for brazing?
Which factors influence the quality and strength of brazed joints?
What risks might you face caused by an excess of magnesium? 

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