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Veröffentlicht am 6/12/2019
Kategorien: Automobilbranche

Automotive sector: vacuum brazing furnace applications

Vacuum furnace brazing is a process of heat treatment that joins metallic parts to one another in an incredibly secure manner. Like the aerospace sector, automotive heat treatments are required for many high-quality joins and vacuum brazing fits the bill when other processes simply don't cut it.

In this article, you will discover exactly how the automotive sector leverages modern vacuum furnace technology and the various applications it can be put to.
Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about vacuum brazing furnaces and vehicle manufacturing.

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[FREE eBook] The vacuum furnace buyers guide

This clear and useful eBook will guide you in deciding the features you need for your next vacuum furnace.
Starting from the scratch it will also help you to understand what a vacuum furnace is and whether you need it or not.

Power, isolation, pumping units, heat exchangers and much more explained in simple words for the first time.
Make sure you read the eBook before your next purchase!

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Der Einkaufsratgeber für Vakuumöfen: 10 Dinge, die Sie wissen sollten [1/2]

Welche Elemente tragen zur Entwicklung und zum perfekten Funktionieren von Vakuumöfen bei?

Bitte lassen Sie sich nicht von der Komplexität des Themas abschrecken: Wir werden Schritt für Schritt vorgehen und ich werde mich bemühen, die einzelnen Bereiche gut verständlich zu erläutern.
Dies ist der erste von zwei Artikeln...

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[FREE eBook] The ultimate guide to vacuum sintering

Powdered metal, metal injection molding (MIM), 3D printing, and other similar technologies can benefit greatly from the superior quality and flexibility of vacuum sintering. This complete guide to sintering in vacuum furnace offers you deep insight into the heat treatment process, and shows how an understanding of all aspects involved can be used practically to improve your products.

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Euro PM2017: powder metallurgy seen up close

Today, PM products are an intrinsic part of a number of technical sectors. And of course, since suppliers’ innovation cycles are traditionally geared towards Euro PM, this is where you can see the latest innovations in the field. In this context, TAV VACUUM FURNACES has brought its expertise at Euro PM2017 by showcasing a vacuum furnace which gathered consensus and heightened interest in visitors.

If you missed it, read the article and learn more about Powder Metallurgy (PM) and the vacuum system exhibited.

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